Online Users Hell



This page is so fucking basic ,destroy this shit

this page is 100% a safari of mra/brony/fedora types like the epitome of two thousand and late, so not cute lol

Anonymous: i love u safety goth


My a.i


Shout out to zimbabwe2003 for getting featured in Sang Bleu

Seek the truth,thirst for it

Anonymous: who are you? why do you care so much?


Imagine sitting down in front of a screen that shows a sequence of events pertaining to the inevitable fall of humanity. You are offered two choices and given two gifts. One choice is to delay the course of destruction, the other is to simply do nothing.  One gift is the power to do good, and the other gift is the power to remain an observer. To reiterate my past statements concerning my identity, I am who you want me to be.

Our saviour